They may not have much hope, but they have a reason to keep trying.

The South Korean women’s soccer team has a very slim chance of advancing to the round of 16 at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023.

Colleen Bell’s side fell to Morocco 0-1 in their second Group H match on Tuesday (Sept. 30) at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, Australia. The loss, which followed another defeat against Colombia, dropped South Korea to the bottom of the group.

South Korea kicked off brightly, determined to win, but an early goal spoiled the mood. Just six minutes into the game, they conceded a header off an opponent’s cross. From conceding a cross from the flank to allowing Ibtisam Jiraidi to penetrate and attempt a header, Dae In-mark’s inability to stop the ball was disappointing.

South Korea tried a tactical change. They switched to a 4-3-3 with Son Hwa-yeon and Chu Hyo-joo on the flanks. The change seemed to work and the team began to attack more aggressively. However, their finishing was lacking. Choo Hyo-joo’s shot in the 19th minute went wide of the goal, and Park Eun-sun’s diving header in the 25th minute was also off target. At the end of the first half, Son Hwa-yeon and Cho So-hyun also failed to find the back of the net.

In search of a goal, Korea made a change at the start of the second half. We brought on Son Hwa-yeon and Chu Hyo-joo, and changed the front line with Choi Yuri and Moon Mi-ra. Still, nothing much happened. Despite increasing the number of shots on goal, they were unable to convert any of them.

The Koreans became more urgent and continued to look for a goal with Jeon Eun-ha, Casey Fair, and Chun Garam. Casey threatened with a left-footed turning shot after coming on, and Chun created a chance with a dribble break, but the much-awaited goal didn’t come.

It looked like their primary goal of reaching the round of 16 would be dashed prematurely. If Germany, ranked No. 2 in the FIFA rankings, beat Colombia, South Korea would be on the brink of an early exit before the final match even took place.

Fortunately, hope was not lost. Colombia beat Germany 2-1, leaving South Korea hoping for a miracle in the final game. Of course, it was only a small chance. South Korea’s third-round opponent was Germany, who also lost to Colombia and failed to qualify for the round of 16, so they had to make the best of it.

Still, the Colombian victory was a welcome one for Belho, who was hoping for even a small chance. If South Korea beats Germany and Colombia wins three games, South Korea, Germany, and Morocco will all be tied for second place with one point. 꽁머니 They would qualify for the Round of 16 on goal difference.

Here again, South Korea’s prospects are not bright. Germany currently has the best goal differential at +5, while Morocco is at -5 and South Korea is at -3. To overcome this difference, South Korea would have to beat Germany by more than five goals. This means that no matter how much they beat Germany, it won’t matter if Colombia doesn’t win three games.

The much-needed third game against Germany will take place next month at 7 p.m. on March 3.