The father of Neymar, 31, has denied reports that he wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain.

“Neymar has expressed his desire to leave Paris Saint-Germain,” French media outlet L’Equipe reported on Monday (Aug. 8). According to the report, Neymar dropped the bombshell just as he returned from a successful preseason in preparation for the new season.

Paris Saint-Germain were thrown for a loop this summer when Kylian Mbappe failed to renew his contract. They excluded him from the Asian tour and made it clear that they would not be using him once the season started.

Without Mbappe, the ace in the hole for Paris Saint-Germain is Neymar. Neymar has just returned from a lengthy rehabilitation from the ankle injury he suffered last season. He made his comeback in a friendly against Jeonbuk Hyundai earlier this month in Busan, South Korea, and is ready to play a key role in the 2023-24 season.

The fact that Neymar had such a good preseason caused a stir when he asked for a transfer. Chelsea was the next destination, and there was some speculation that a concrete move had been made. It was even suggested that Neymar had been pushing for a return to his hometown club Barcelona for some time, leading to speculation that a parting of ways with Paris Saint-Germain was imminent.

Neymar’s father, who spoke to Brazilian media outlet PL Brasil, denied the transfer rumors, calling them “fake news” and “false information published with intent from somewhere.”

He also criticized the media outlets that spread the fake news. “L’Equipe is L’Efake,” Neymar’s father pointed out. It’s a play on words, using the word fake to refer to L’Equipe, which means it’s not true.

Neymar will continue to play for Paris Saint-Germain next season. For a while, he was criticized by fans and even considered a move, but the arrival of Luis Enrique, who won a treble with Barcelona, put his fears to rest. Enrique knows how to utilize Neymar, and he gave him a full game against Jeonbuk to get him warmed up. 토토사이트

Moreover, Neymar has quickly become a close friend with Lee Kang-in, which has caught the eyes of Korean fans. Throughout his Asian tour, which took him between Japan and South Korea, Neymar showed off his friendship by joking around and talking to Lee. Neymar’s bromance with Lee Kang-in was closely watched not only in Korea but also overseas.

“Somehow, I got to know all the players, not just Neymar. They welcomed me from the first time I saw them.” “It’s an honor to play in a team with such good players. I will try to do better with my teammates,” he said.